Jody Sperling - Time Lapse DanceJody Sperling is a dancer, choreographer and dance scholar. She is the founder and Artistic Director of Time Lapse Dance. This is Jody's blog.
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Archive for November, 2008

Ladies Who Launch

I recently participated in an “incubator workshop” through Ladies Who Launch, an organization that promotes female entrepreneurship. I met a terrific bunch of women who I miss already! I signed up for this experience because I’m striving to find a viable business model for a not-for-profit dance company. To be successful, it’s not enough to be a great choreographer, you also have to become an entrepreneur. Over the four sessions, we had plenty of homework that included writing a vision statement, conceiving our “launch map,” practicing an elevator speech and a gentle reminder to do something nice for ourselves everyday.

Lately, I’ve been thinking “big.” At one level, my artistic vision is growing to require higher production values, more dancers, bigger arenas (literally—we’ll be performing in a stadium in India in December). There are also more opportunities and resources for larger companies. Growing may help us to become sustainable. I am thoroughly committed to expanding TLD, and this “incubator” has helped me articulate goals in this direction and clarify a strategy.

These are the amazing LADIES I met:

Ladies Who Launch

Ladies Who Launch

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