Jody Sperling - Time Lapse DanceJody Sperling is a dancer, choreographer and dance scholar. She is the founder and Artistic Director of Time Lapse Dance. This is Jody's blog.
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Archive for May, 2011

Dancing while Pregnant

Having watched many friends dance throughout their pregnancies, I had no idea how challenging it would be to stay active during my own. As I write this, I’m 27 weeks along and expecting a baby girl in late August. I had just recovered from the overwhelming fatigue and omni-present naseau of the first trimester, when I was diagnosed with a “subchorionic hematoma” which is a fancy way of saying I had a small glob of blood trapped between my uterus and placenta. Not a big deal, except that my OB (who clearly had no idea of my profession) said, “This shouldn’t affect your work at all, but don’t exercise until at least two weeks after this goes away.” Huh, not affect my work? How are you supposed to dance and choreograph without exercising? I started fantasizing about a conceptual, talky piece I could do while reclining on a chais lounge eating bon-bons.

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Trailer for Turbulence, June 22-25

My brother Josh has been making a documentary about my work. He cut together this trailer for our upcoming season at the Baryshnikov Arts Center (http://www.timelapsedance.com/BAC_2011). Check it out!YouTube Preview Image

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